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California State University, Northridge | Restoring the Sepulveda Basin: Building broad-based support for a plan to transform the Sepulveda River Basin into an accessible green space featuring responsible water management. | Goal 1: Resilient and healthy community environments where residents thrive in place. | Goal 5: Thriving ecosystems, habitats, and biodiversity. | Goal 6: Accessible parks, beaches, recreational waters, public lands, and public spaces that create opportunities for respite, recreation, ecological discovery, and cultural activities.

Public Advocacy

This project sets out to secure public support and swift government adoption of The River Project’s sweeping plan to convert the Sepulveda River Basin section of the LA River into an accessible green space, modeled after New York’s Central Park. The River Project calls for a more balanced approach to water management and conservation, integrating flood prevention features with fresh water capture, and prioritizes walkability, bikeability, and natural habitat preservation. Students are devising a comprehensive advocacy plan addressed to local government officials and policymakers, forging alliances with environmental organizations. This is an ongoing project of the newly established Masters Program in Sustainability at CSUN.

Team: Dr. Loraine Lundquist, Faculty Associate, Institute for Sustainability; Hengame Abassi Sirchi; Christel Bowen; Joel Carreon; Tiffany Derrick; Manny Elizarraras; Nelson Portillo; Victoria Rogers; Bryan Tran; Benjamin Verheiden

Community partner: The River Project

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CATEGORY: Climate & Water

Weather comes to mind. But there’s sun, wind and air. Rain, water… the essential life currents we depend on.

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