Los Angeles Pierce College

Los Angeles Pierce College presents
The Butterfly Effect: Linking Pierce College to the LA River through Biodiversity
A network of butterfly planters, bird boxes, and beehives designed to link the massive Pierce College campus to the LA River and rebuild biodiverse systems.

An experiment in habitat restoration, this project is working to strengthen regional biodiversity beginning with butterflies, birds and bee habitats in the wildlife corridor that links the 430-acre Pierce College campus and the Los Angeles River. This project focuses on designing and constructing DIY habitat boxes and planters which can be done by both students and residents of the adjacent neighborhoods. This is a long-term investment in local biodiversity with opportunities to continue the creation, dissemination and maintenance of the habitat boxes. Next steps include educational outreach to schools and the local community.

Faculty Lead:
Beth Abels

Esteven Acevedo Flores, Alessandro Bassallo, Nadia Beddini, Roberto Godoy, Montserrat Hernandez, Danny Mccluskey, Oscar Ortiz, Sara Ramirez, Stephanie Rock, Liana Salamatmoghadasi, Najee Teague

Collaborating Partners:
SFV Audubon Society Los Angeles Pierce College, The Theodore Payne Foundation and The California Native Plant Society

Aligned LA County Sustainability Plan Goals:
Goal 5: Thriving ecosystems, habitats, and biodiversity. Goal 6: Accessible parks, beaches, recreational waters, public lands, and public spaces that create opportunities for respite, recreation, ecological discovery, and cultural activities.

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