New Poems from Ron Phipps

Herfstmaan te Ishiyama, Hiroshige (I) , Utagawa, Takenouchi Magohachi (Hoeido), 1833 – 1837. Courtesy Rijks Museum.

New Poems from Ron Phipps

By   |  Nov. 11, 2015


In Memory of Mitsu


The pale Light of the

Apricot Full Moon

Upon the White Oak Floor

Softly and silently Falls.

Reflection of Reflection.


The light chartreuse leaves

Of the redbud are transformed

Within the grey skies

Into golden pumpkins.

Who has seen this transformation?


In the stillness of

This autumn night

The chirping of songbirds

Hear not I.

Only the male blue bird has returned.



For David


Beyond Thy Island’s Borders

Lies the once Frigid Nordic Sea.

Within Whose Icy Waters

Thy Sustenance Roamed Free.


Now Thy Mighty Glaciers

Steadily retreat

Their Icy Waters

Inexorably Winding their Way

Into the Sea.


From Whose now Tepid Waters

Thy Sustenance Flees.


The Poet

In commemoration of the courageous encyclical on the environment (Laudato si’) from Pope Francis.


I stroll in Silence

Through the Japanese Garden

Countless curves, contrasting curves, opening to

Exquisite forms  of water, greens, rocks.


Upon the steepest paths

To the Apex

The poet chooses to journey.


Only from a pinnacle

Can the poet discern

The Communal and Integral Beauty

Of this Earth

Or perceive

The fragility and fleetingness

Of All Being in Flux.

Ron Phipps is a Whiteheadian philosopher specializing in the creative development of theoretical physics.