Gehry on Architecture, Culture

Gehry on Architecture, Culture

By   |  Dec. 5, 2014

In this short video from The New York Times, Frank Gehry talks about the transformative power of art. He uses the example of his designs for the new Guggenheim Museum in Abu Dhabi:

“The reason i’m so happy…that they’re building it is that in the end, their intension is to show that these cultures can be in one room and talk to each other.

“I think it’s some kind of a revolution…and given the political mess of all these countries, including ours, there’s a clarity of talking to each other through art, through classical music, through literature…rather than try to politicize and one-ups-manship and all those, the military options that are threatening everybody.

“It seems that the art takes the threat out, becomes more humanistic, more…it’s more questioning, it’s more who are we, what are we, why do we talk alike, why do we know — why can we relate to their art and they can relate to our art, and why don’t we do more of it.

“That’s the exciting thing. And hopefully when this building’s built, it will deliver that message. And if it does, the architecture will be part of something bigger.”

Check out the video:

Transforming Architecture and Culture Alike

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