Why I’ll Be on the ROADTRIP TO PANDO: wrong thinker John Bielenberg

John Bielenberg.

Why I’ll Be on the ROADTRIP TO PANDO: wrong thinker John Bielenberg

By   |  Jun. 26, 2017

We’re going on the roadtrip of all roadtrips in late September, to save Pando’s life. Read more about the ROADTRIP TO PANDO here and plan to get your own seat on the bus!

John Bielenberg, legendary designer and Pando’s creative director, will be heading up the weekend. He shared his thoughts on why he’s doing it and what he expects.


How have you come to the place to where you’re making this ROADTRIP TO PANDO? What’s gotten you here?

I’ve become increasingly anxious about the relationship between humans and the rest of our planet. We’ve put the short-term selfish needs of humans over the long-term sustainable needs of everything else on Earth. This is ultimately a catastrophic strategy. Organizations like Pando Populus are essential to course correcting our path, if possible. I don’t see any other alternative and am investing my time and energy to help this initiative gain traction.

Pando itself is a real world example of both the fragility and majesty of nature. It deserves to be preserved and celebrated.

You’re best known as a designer and wrong thinker. What’s unique about the way you look at Pando and its significance?

Thinking right has gotten us into this mess! We cannot keep doing the same things we’ve been doing and expect a positive result. Biology and culture enforce the status quo. So, that means that we must reset our neural pathways to find new “wrong” solutions to our biggest challenges.

What’s your motivation to be on the bus? Why are you going?

I’ve already visited Pando last year but this trip is a unique opportunity to engage directly with a busload of diverse, creative, interesting and motivated people to actually make a dent in the universe.

Plus, it’ll be a blast.

What’s a private ambition you hope for?

That the trip unites communities of diverse people with diverse agendas with a common goal. This goal needs to be inclusive, not divisive, and aspirational. Like putting a man on the moon.

What would make the experience one of the most amazing trips you’ve ever been on?

Good question! It needs to feel like we’re on a mission with a purpose and that it’s making a significant impact.

Want to be part of this?  Read more about the ROADTRIP TO PANDO. Get your ticket here.

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