Pat Patterson’s “New Wave”

Hoge golf, Kamisaka Sekka, Yamada Naosaburo, 1909.

Pat Patterson’s “New Wave”

By   |  Oct. 22, 2015

In dawning light
amidst threat and extinction
where we have bid farewell
to so many once-for-all species
millions vow to stand
in courageous company
to plead plot fight
hold on to a reclaimable world
even in drought hurricane flood

Giants inspire us
life defenders visionaries
leaders ordinary people
who will not acquiesce
to sacrifice of the earth to economy
who will not countenance
a throw-away world
with its countless broken people
and dwindling species

Dream of a new earth fills the air
from the Vatican to vacant lots
becoming fertile gardens
from struggling islands in the sea
clinging to their coral reefs
from slums to hillside shacks
from tender care of children
and growing things
to magnificent schemes for reclamation

A fresh wave of life rolls on our shores
lifting us to new levels of hope
The call of Pope Francis
movements of eco-civilization
songs assemblies actions
The grand outcry of stop halt enough
we have but one earth
one incredible creation
sacred for all that live to defend
to hold to treasure

Pat Patterson writes from Claremont, CA.

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