Prostrate in Pando

Pando grove at Fish Lake, Utah. Photo by Paul Rogers.

Prostrate in Pando

By   |  Mar. 25, 2022

Whispering notes
In alien time across
Eons of life
Under legions of stems
Marching as one

As one I commune
As one I witness
As one they flutter
As one I question
As one we connect

Linking limbs
Searching roots
Plaited sustenance
First soft, then loud
Under terra firma

A mystery is speaking
Language of challenge
Language of learning
Language of linking
Language of love
Language of Earth

White stalks prop green flags
Into blue skies
Skimmed by cotton clouds
Oh, gentle giant
Pando I lie with thee

Paul Rogers is Chief Scientist for the Pando aspen clone and Director of the Western Aspen Alliance.