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A Unique Historical Opportunity

In this far-ranging and inspirational speech for a meeting of women religious in Monrovia, CA, John Cobb discusses major influences that have shaped our current situation and the alternative vision of Pope Francis in Laudato Si’. He concludes with ways that Pando at Maryknoll might incarnate integral ecology.

Ecological Civilization, Environment

Finding Oneness Among the Ones

I had long known that the ideology of the individualistic separate self was a delusion and in fact societal suicide, but in Pando we have a living organism to show us our alternative to a separateness which is not sustainable.

Ecological Civilization, Reimagining and Reinventing Societies and Social Thought

Storytelling for an Ecological Civilization

As storytellers who hold the power of global media dissemination, we have an opportunity to contribute to and change the conversation around a host of issues, including immigration, the environment, gender and racial justice, and so many others.

Ecological Civilization, Reimagining and Reinventing the Wisdom Traditions—World Loyalty

Shiva on Francis’s Manifesto

The Laudato opens with St Francis’s prayer, “Praise be to you my Lord, through our sister, Mother Earth, who sustains and governs us, and who produces various fruits with coloured flowers and herbs.” It resonates with the Indian philosophy of Vasudhaiv Kutumkan, with the contemporary movement for the Rights of Mother Earth, with cultures and faiths across the world.

Ecological Civilization, Reimagining and Reinventing the Wisdom Traditions—World Loyalty

The Pope Is a Pandomaniac

This is a truly historic event. It is possible, just possible, that June 18, 2015 will be remembered as the turning point, when humankind began to come to its senses.

Ecological Civilization, Seizing an Alternative

Lubarsky: What We Can Hope For

“Ecological Civilization” by Tucker Nichols for Pando Populus.  Artwork copyright (c) 2015 by the artist. What Can We Hope For? By Sandra Lubarsky Sandra Lubarsky presented this section plenary address for the SEIZING AN ALTERNATIVE conference, Section V: Ecological Civilization (June 5, 2015). (For a copy of the text with PowerPoint slides, please click here.)   Welcome to this plenary […]