Reimagining and Reinventing Societies and Social Thought, Seizing an Alternative, The Threatening Catastrophe: Responding Now

Survival of Nation States

We have a front row seat on the destruction of nation states — or possibly a refusal to surrender to domination by financial institutions.

Seizing an Alternative

Awakening, a Poem

To become fellow creatures / with ant bee elephant deer / cedar sequoia spruce oak / mitochondria / To live in this world / as one among the multitudinous many

Reimagining and Reinventing Bodily-Spiritual Health, Seizing an Alternative

Sweeney: Ideas Matter

“Reimagining and Reinventing Bodily-Spiritual Health” by Tucker Nichols for Pando Populus. Artwork copyright (c) 2015 by the artist. Do Ideas Matter? By John Sweeney John Sweeney presented this section plenary address for the SEIZING AN ALTERNATIVE conference, Section IX: Reimagining and Reinventing Bodily-Spiritual Health (June 5, 2015). (For a PDF copy of the text, please […]

Pando, Pando Populus, Seizing an Alternative

We’re All Connected

Cyril said that water is the sign of the Spirit because it adapts and transforms into all living things. Christians need to reclaim the embodied spirituality that suffused early Christianity, as a way to feel part of nature and thus committed to its preservation.

Reenvisioning Nature; Reenvisioning Science, Reimagining and Reinventing Societies and Social Thought, Seizing an Alternative

Against Law and Politics

The legal system is based on a “design” mentality that was doomed to fail from the start, due to the dynamic nature of human systems. It is impossible to engineer systems like we would program a computer; they will always evolve beyond the purposes they were designed for, and it is impossible to predict what they will become.

Seizing an Alternative

Bought and Paid For

On a day when the nation’s press was preoccupied with the appalling racist murders in Charleston, our task of redirecting the world away from massive suicide became more difficult.