Catastrophes, Reenvisioning Nature; Reenvisioning Science

Massive Organism Is Crashing on Our Watch

The first comprehensive assessment of the Pando aspen clone by researchers Paul Rogers and Darren McAvoy reveals critical threats to this unique single-tree forest.

Catastrophes, Education, Religion

What Keeps Us Trying?

My guess is that if you were not keeping on, at least to some degree, you would not be reading this piece. Perhaps we are all fools, but let’s think about it.

Catastrophes, Ecological Civilization, Society

Trade and Sovereignty

One can hardly question that national sovereignty is being surrendered to the corporations.

Catastrophes, Health, Society

Cancer and Mining Suck (the Joy Out of You)

Cancer and mining can suck the joy and energy right out of you.

Catastrophes, Nature, Society

What and When Exxon Knew

ExxonMobil’s online defense appeals for confidence in its “scientific and engineering mindset.” It’s because of mindsets like this that we need a new worldview.

Catastrophes, Ecological Civilization, Nature

Way Too Many 1,000-Yr Floods

The climatologically abnormal is the new normal.