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Vern Visick, Pandomaniac

The “eternal rest” of which some speak would, I suspect, be hard for Vern to take.

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Practicalities of Pando’s Preservation

One thing I’ve learned through all of my work is that even the most intimate ecological knowledge will only get us so far without understanding how our individual interests are interdependent as opposed to being in conflict.  That requires understanding each other, including those with whom we disagree. 

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Interview with Mark Dibbens

Mark Dibbens is a professor of management at the University of Tasmania in Australia, where he focuses on the Philosophy of Management—a field with compelling relevance to ecological studies and environmentalism. Pando Blog editor Kevin Madden spoke with Mark over Skype in August.

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Introducing the Pando Fund

The Pando clone, like many complex natural resource issues, is ultimately a reflection of our society—of
how humans function on a fragile planet.

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Pando in the News (a lot)

The breaking wave of media attention surrounding Pando is, I believe, a positive sign.

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What Can I Say to Farmers?

I have been told that many of you in this gathering are farmers. In your hands now lies the destiny of the world. I would like to speak directly to you.