CAMPANDO Maryknoll is for social justice and environmental leaders in LA County who are feeling burned out and need to recharge – with nature, with each other, and in the community of those who have spent their lives on the front lines. It’s an oasis of nourishment and reflection.

Four CAMPANDO retreats are taking place throughout the year at the Maryknoll compound in Monrovia at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains. Fully complimentary, the weekend is for next-generation and established leaders, and includes only a small group of change-makers per event

CAMPANDO Maryknoll aims for the rejuvenation of mind, body and soul. The retreat combines a minimally structured program with maximal opportunity to walk the grounds, share stories of resistance with fellow travelers, and join in with any of the daily routines of the sisters who live in the Maryknoll community.

CAMPANDO Maryknoll is a cellphone-free zone: cellphones are put into a box upon arrival.

Friday night begins with a meet-and-greet happy hour. Sunday concludes with brunch, perhaps a hike, and a ritual of support for LA environmental and social justice leadership.

The Maryknoll sisters have long been at the center of peace and justice worldwide and have served in some of the most dangerous areas around the globe (including Central America in the 1980s, where members of their community were murdered by right-wing death squads). Their seven-acre Monrovia compound houses thirty sisters in retirement and is home to deer, bear, raccoons and coyote.

CAMPANDO represents the desire of the Maryknoll community to support LA County leaders who are united by a vision of peace and justice – for the Earth and each other. The sisters are offering complimentary food, lodging, and of course community as a gift to the County.