Expedition: Pando

EXPEDITION: Pando, July 2019
We continued our tradition of visiting the largest living organism in the world and our namesake — with the idea of helping to save its life.

The 2017 ROADTRIP TO PANDO was organized as an on-location design blitz; the 2018 PILGRIMAGE TO PANDO was a pluralistic gathering of seekers.

EXPEDITION: Pando 2019 continued the tradition but in a smaller, simpler, and more hands-on way. We pitched tents rather than staying in cabins, doing some hands-on citizen preservation work, and laying a foundation for others downstream to enjoy Pando in this more relaxed way.

While there, we were joined by Paul Rogers, Pando chief scientist, who oriented us to the forest and directed the preservation work we did.

We also created documentation about Pando and the surrounding area that future visitors may use, including such practical details as how to get there, where to stay, what to bring, recreational activities, and information on Pando itself. All this will help people experience this beautiful place on their own.

Marc O’Brien, Design Strategist for Pando, led the adventure July 11-14 as a DIY outdoor experience.

Read more about why Marc made the trek.

Expedition: Pando Details

  • Arrive in Pando on July 11.
  • Pack up on July 14.
  • You are responsible for your own travel, food, drinks, expenses.
  • Pando Populus will provide dinner on the last night
  • Be sure you are able to do physical work.

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