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SALTWATER GARDENS: A City’s Solution to Rising Seas | Woodbury University School of Architecture in association with Hinterland Institute | County goal #2: “Buildings and infrastructure that support human health and resilience.”

SALTWATER GARDENS envisions an alternative approach to combating both the effects of rising sea waters and the increasing aridity on our cities. As sea levels rise, a less visible yet just as destructive invasion of saltwater into our aquifers is taking place beneath the city. In response, the project proposes to redirect this intrusion and turn it into a boon – with new infrastructure to support edible salicornia gardens and pioneer saline forests and lush urban parks that embrace these changes and saltier botanies.

Team: Berenika Boberska, professor; Hitisha Kalolia; Joseph Murtaught; Marilyn Chavarria; Demar Mathews; Lusine Tashchian; Keila Castillo Bautista; Khun Kein.

Premiere Presentation

Presentation Materials


Saltwater Gardens – 1
Garden View

Saltwater Gardens – 2
Saltwater Infrastructure
Pivot Irrigation Park
Pioneer Forest
Saltwater Gardens – Hinterlands Institute


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