Pando Days ’23 Consult

We help project teams get the advisory support they need from specialists in their fields, elected officials, public agencies, businesses and NGOs. 

We connect teams one-on-one with professionals and academics offering specialist support for project R&D and implementation (including fundraising advice); with the staff of elected officials to facilitate project development through networks and community collaborations; and with sustainability planning specialists deeply knowledgeable of Southland sustainability plans and their implementation.

Project teams find the help they need from these organizations (new consultants are added within these categories frequently): 




Process for connecting

Schools: take advantage of consultancy opportunities for your project. Partners: proactively identify where you have the knowledge and expertise to help school teams. 

Our process is this: send a brief email explaining your opportunity or need to Please write it in a way that we can forward directly on to others, and include the following information: 

  • the project this is in reference to;
  • a two- to three-sentence description of the type of consultative advice you are seeking or offering (including specific person, if known).  

That’s it. We’ll then roll this through our rolodex and do our best to hook you up with the connections you need.

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