Pando Days ’23 Seminars

Pando Days offers specialist seminars and advisory/mentoring opportunities with extraordinary professionals willing to help with team projects.

Currently scheduled:

August 24, 2023, 5:30-6:30. Zoom. Seminar on the 13 sustainability plans with greatest impact on the LA region with Mark VanderSchaaf, author of “Sustainability Planning in Metropolitan Los Angeles: An Overview.” Mark is a nationally renowned regional planner.

Faculty and students involved in season 2023 Pando Days projects will have the opportunity to learn about thirteen influential plans that guide sustainability work in the Southland. While Pando Days projects focus on goals of the Los Angeles County plan (OurCounty) itself, they can be strengthened by reference to relevant information from other plans throughout the region.

Mark will lead the August 24 Zoom seminar in conversation with three well-known specialists and planners who have lived and worked in the LA region. Respondents include Dean Kubani, founding CSO, City of Santa Monica; Robyn Eason, former Senior Planner, City of West Hollywood, and Andy Shrader, former Executive Director for Environmental Affairs, Health, and Sustainability Policy, Los Angeles City Council District 5.

The event is sponsored by LA’s CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer) Taskforce, with Taskforce members encouraged to attend. It will be recorded for downstream use. Mark will also be available to Pando Days teams for focused Q/A sessions over the fall term.

Watch the recorded meeting below:

Additional ongoing opportunities:

  • Advisory support from members of LA’s CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer) Taskforce
  • Seminar or mentoring with Oscar-nominated Lyn Goldfarb on narrative development; 
  • Project advice from the Pando Days network of successful entrepreneurs, professional engineers, designers, and others.