Citrus College

Citrus College presents
The Stirling Engine: A Table-top Alternative to Solar Panels
A renewable energy solution designed to augment solar panel energy production for individual home and off-the-grid use.

Solar panels aren’t the only game in town. This project proposes to use a Solar Stirling Engine Power Generator as a supplemental energy source when energy from panels prove too difficult or costly a solution. Inspired by a 3,500-acre solar thermal system in California’s Mojave Desert, the working Stirling Engine prototype built by the student Architecture Club scales the massive system down to the size of a TV satellite dish. The invention combines existing technology in a new way to help Californians reach their clean energy goals by meeting needs that solar panels alone can’t address at a reasonable cost.

Faculty Lead:
Tommy Reyes

Aaron Aguilar Galvan, Anna Link, Sebastian Stjernbo, Hannah Spaulding, Jonathan Reyes, Omar Ocegueda, Ghadah Alobaidi (Gigi), Andrew Adams, Stephen Seyarto, Kush Babu, Emily Alvarado, Manuel Zepeda, Martin Cuevas, Alexia Jimenez, John Johnson, Eddie Vidal, Lucy Zurita, Jacob Crespo, David Nixon, Steven Dean, Diego Carrera, Sara Munoz, Brian Tong, Issan Silva, Christopher Rodriguez

Aligned LA County Sustainability Plan Goals:
Goal 9: Sustainable production and consumption of resources.

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