University of Southern California

University of Southern California presents
A Pilgrimage to the River
A contemplative journey along the LA River encourages deep observation, reflection, and action on climate change.

A Pilgrimage to the River is a contemplative journey that calls participants to experience Los Angeles in new and deeper ways, highlighting issues of water and climate change, and utilizing interfaith spiritual practices to, among other things, regulate stress from the climate crisis. Led by USC’s Eco Chaplain, the pilgrimage combines a walk along the riverbank, nature-inspired spiritual practices, and a reflection period asking participants to share what gives them hope and motivation for climate action. The pilgrimage is an easily replicable model that can be used for new audiences and locations across LA County, with a broad range of possible themes and community partners.

Faculty Lead:
Bekah Estrada

Nazgul Shah, Lauren Lee, Zoe Detweller. Videographers: Savannah Masters and Nikhita Datar

Collaborating partners:
InterVaristy Christian Fellowship, Office of Religious and Spirtual Life at USC, Assignment: Earth at USC

Aligned LA County Sustainability Plan Goals:
Goal 9: Sustainable production and consumption of resources. Goal 12: A commitment to realize OurCounty sustainability goals through creative, equitable, and coordinated funding and partnerships.

Premiere Segment

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