“Whitehead Century Revisited”

Lecturer: David Ray Griffin

David Ray Griffin is Professor of Philosophy of Religion and Theology, Emeritus, Claremont School of Theology and Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, California, where he remains a co-director of the Center for Process Studies.

The founding pioneer of constructive postmodernism, Griffin served as editor of the SUNY Series in Constructive Postmodern Thought (1987-2004), which published 31 volumes.

He is recipient of the Book Prize of the Scientific and Medical Network in 2000, winner of the Helios Foundation Award in 2006, and named as one of “The 50 People Who Matter Today” by the New Statesman in 2009.


“What’s the use of having developed a science well enough to make predictions if, in the end, all we’re willing to do is stand around and wait for them to come true?”

– Sherwood Rowland, Nobel Laureate

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