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One More Thing Before I Go

I have two of the most beautiful, intelligent, and lovable great-grandchildren in the world. At 89 years of age, I know I won’t have the chance to see them much longer. What saddens me is that I’m not leaving them a world nearly as hospitable as the one I was born into, or with such […]

Ecological Civilization

What Can We Hope For?

The more clearly we think about positive possibilities, the more strongly we hope for this outcome, and the more attractive the prospect becomes, the more we will invest in thought and in practices that have a chance of bringing these prospects to fruition.

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The Philosophy of ANW

For me and my fellow Whiteheadians, the need to keep this kind of thinking alive was intensified by the global environmental crisis. The victory of value-free research disciplines has rendered universities more part of the problem than part of the solution.

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Eco Civilization in China

Residents and visitors breathe dark, smoggy air in the cities, and partly because the problems are so serious, China is committed to work for “ecological civilization.”

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John Cobb Jr on The Death of God

We can know God as liberator rather than controller.

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Interview with Tucker Nichols

The drawings come out of my own frustration with the rhetoric of saving the earth…