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A Turning Point

In this biographical reflection John Cobb responds the following: “At what point in your life did you decide ‘enough is enough’ and put it all on the line? What was it that caused or inspired you to make the change? How did you respond?”

Vern Visick, Pandomaniac

The “eternal rest” of which some speak would, I suspect, be hard for Vern to take.

Why I’ll Be on the Roadtrip to Pando: Interfaith Legend Ed Bacon

My expectation and intention is that in this odyssey, new epiphanies will take place and that the relationships developed on the journey will bear fruit in surprising ways.

REVIEW: John Cobb’s “Jesus’ Abba”

“Abba” is an Aramaic term for something like a dear father or daddy. It’s baby talk. It’s as if Jesus recognized that the way a parent offers herself in service is warp and woof in the very fabric of the universe.