The Pope Is a Pandomaniac

The Pope Is a Pandomaniac

By   |  Jun. 18, 2015

Tomorrow the full text of Pope Francis’s encyclical on climate change will be released. This is a truly historic event.

Having this pope at this time is in itself the most promising feature of our time. We Christians call it “providential.” We have every reason to expect that the pope will speak the truth to a world hungry for truth, even if it is painful to hear.

If anyone can mobilize world opinion in a way that those in power cannot ignore, it is Pope Francis. He speaks, of course, from and to the Catholic Church. But he speaks also from and to humanity and the Earth.

May we put aside all of our differences and mutual criticisms to seize this alternative to the babble of voices that now confuse the issues.

May we celebrate and follow authentic leadership!

It is possible, just possible, that we may yet be spared the worst of the suffering that our collective acts are bringing on ourselves and our children.

It is possible, just possible, that June 18, 2015 will be remembered as the turning point, when humankind began to come to its senses.

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