Video: Pando at Fish Lake

Video: Pando at Fish Lake

By   |  Jun. 18, 2015

Pando is the world’s oldest and largest organism and extends over 100 acres near the shores of Fish Lake, UT.

John Cobb has urged that the ancient, giant, and interconnected aspen grove named Pando in southern Utah replace the clock in Strasbourg, France as the model for how we understand reality. Replacing a machine with a living organism implies a fundamentally different way of understanding the world – and places a symbol of ecological relations at the heart of things.

During Cobb’s plenary session at our SEIZING AN ALTERNATIVE conference, we showed footage of Pando and its environs, filmed in October of 2014.

Pando is located near the shores of Fish Lake, Utah. State Highway 25 cuts right through it (I know…). There are rustic (but fine) cabins for rent in the area for those who wish to visit. Pando is definitely worth the trip, and Utah is full of natural wonders. Find the area on the map here (just west-south-west of where 25 joins the lake shore).

Below is the short film we showed at the conference.

Members of the Pando writing team include Rich Binell, Alexi Caracotsios, Amy Goldberg, Rebecca Schmitt, and Eugene Shirley.

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