Section 5: TRACK 2

Sustainable Practice and the Cultural Dimensions of Ecological Health

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Track 2: Sustainable Practice and the Cultural Dimensions of Ecological Health

In order to overcome the managerial mindset of the modern world, practices of sustainability (e.g., forest restoration. fishery recovery, community development, etc.) must make values such as goodness and beauty central to their methodology. In this session we will explore efforts to make life-affirming values central to on-the-ground sustainability efforts.

Track Heads

Sandra Lubarsky

Chair Sustainable Development Department, Appalachian State University, North Carolina

Sandra Lubarsky chairs the Goodnight Family Department of Sustainable Development at Appalachian State University in North Carolina. For most of her time in the academy, she has been involved in efforts to bring the conversation on sustainability into higher education. She founded the masters program in sustainable communities at Northern Arizona University, one of the first graduate programs in sustainability in the country. She holds a Ph.D. in Religion from Claremont Graduate University and has written on interreligious dialogue, Jewish theology, process thought, sustainability and higher education and aesthetics and sustainability.

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