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Reimagining and Reinventing Bodily-Spiritual Health, Reimagining and Reinventing Culture

What’s Next for LGBTQ

Does hard-fought justice at the individual level help lay the groundwork for LGBTQ involvement on behalf of the Earth?

The Threatening Catastrophe: Responding Now

Lloyds Details Risks

It would not surprise me now, however, if 2020 turns out in fact to be the peak year for consumption and population.

Nature, Science

My Own Nano-World

Our knowledge of the microscopic world has exploded. For machines, without human programming, to “communicate” and “sense” does indeed sound “almost magical.”

Ecological Civilization, Society

Pando Populus’ Mission

The distinction of Pando Populus lies in our commitment to a worldview that displays the profound interconnectedness and mutual dependence of all the entities that make up our world.

Education, Philosophy, Religion, Society

This Pope Is Very Pando

A world oriented to wealth will never be sustainable.

Ecological Civilization, Religion, Society

Nordhaus on the Pope and Markets

Nordhaus operates out of economic thinking that is strongly individualistic in its assumptions. He does not seem to understand the difference between taking the market as the instrument of solving our problems and putting forward different goals altogether.