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Pando Days Media Kit

Pando Days is the most ambitious undertaking of its kind for County resilience. And the public is invited to be a part!

Pando Days brings together ten Southland colleges and universities to create ingenious new initiatives for a resilient Los Angeles County. Teams from each participating school chose a County sustainability goal to help implement. Seven months later, their plans and prototypes are ready to premiere to the public online over ten roll-out virtual events and a juried finale. Join us online on Zoom to see the ingenious initiatives that have been developed to build community resilience. REGISTER.

Schools & Projects

Roll-out Schedule

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Premiere events, June 16 – July 21: Listen to team presentations from the college and university leads, hear responses first-hand from sustainability officers Countywide, and participate in open Q&A. REGISTER.

Finale, July 25: Join finale to hear the announcement of jury selections. Jury members include Peter Laugharn, president of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation; Paul Koretz, Los Angeles City Councilmember (5th District); Mark Eckhardt, CEO of COMMON; and Kathy Schlein, entrepreneur and early-stage investor. REGISTER.

Public is invited to register now for premiere events and juried finale over Zoom. Registrants are welcome to register for multiple events. (All times are Pacific.)

SCI-ArcAI: FUTURE OF HOUSING: Employing artificial intelligence to map affordable housing opportunities and match construction resources.June 16, 3:00
Los Angeles Trade Tech College/ ArchitectureREPURPOSING LAND: Transforming back-alley wasteland into thriving community space.June 19, 1:00
UCLABIOPHILIA TREEHOUSE: Linking birds and people at the tree level.June 23, 1:00
Cal State Long BeachWE ARE THE SEA: Engaging families & neighborhoods with local waterways.June 26, 1:00
USCCAR SICK: Getting us on track for life without cars.June 30, 1:00
Cal Poly PomonaFOOD WITHIN REACH: Foodways every quarter mile across LA County.July 7, 3:00
Otis CollegeGREEN MAP AND GO: Map and engage green resources.July 10, 1:00
Pasadena City CollegeRESILIENCE PROJECT: A virtual landscape for resilience learning.July 14, 1:00  
Woodbury UniversitySALTWATER GARDENS: Innovations for the twin threats of underground saltwater incursion and food scarcity.July 17, 1:00
Caltech/SustainabilityINNOVATION ENGINE FOR SUSTAINABILITY: Identifies needs, facilitates collaboration, and predicts impact.July 21, 1:00
ALL SCHOOLFINALE with announcement of jury selectionsJuly 25, 2:00

PANDO DAYS was conceived in association with the CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer) Strategic Taskforce and made possible in part by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, Second Home, and the Maryknoll Sisters/Monrovia.

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Pando Days launch, SelgasCano Serpentine Pavilion by Second Home.
Pando Days Blitz, Agoura Hills, CA campus of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.

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“We’re teaming up with the County’s leading sustainability specialists to create solutions for LA resilience.”

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