PD ’22 Finale

The Finale is a celebration of Southland hope! It marks the end of the Pando Days ‘22 season and introduces new participants to Pando Days ‘23.

The end of the Pando Days ‘22 season and beginning of ‘23 come together in the spring at a special Pando Days event hosted by Caltech in the heart of a campus renowned for moonshots and actually getting us there.

To wrap the 2022 season, we showcase all fifteen projects that were conceived, rendered, and often prototyped. Each of the projects and teams is highlighted in a special Pando Days ‘22 book, created for the event. A short documentary film premieres, highlighting season impact. Awards are made and small seed funding is offered.

To introduce the 2023 season, we announce the featured areas of focus and open the solicitation for enrolling the fall-term courses, studios or labs.

We offer an abundance of networking opportunities. 

Participants in addition to Pando Days teams includes honored guests from public agencies, business, NGOs, and philanthropy, in addition to CSO Taskforce members, media, and of course Southland higher ed – colleges, universities, and trade schools that have participated in Pando Days in the past as well as those that are interested in becoming involved in the program. 

Networking opportunities abound at the Finale.
Russell Greene, Chief Sustainability Officer (ret.), Cheesecake Factory, and Shannon Scrofano, CalArts professor, in discussion.

Projects from the ‘22 season represented at the Finale are judged by a panel and awarded cash prizes in the following categories: vision, design, research, education, community, and social entrepreneurship.

Check out the impact we’re having. Then join us for more!  

When: Sunday, April 16, 2:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. 

Where: Dabney Hall and Garden, Caltech, Pasadena

Registration opens in the spring.