Section 4: TRACK 2

Intuition in Mathematics and Physics

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Track 2: Intuition in Mathematics and Physics

Mathematics and physics need to be imaginatively re-envisioned by taking our deepest intuitions into account. Physicists focus on “lifeless nature” and hence exclude from their descriptions all characteristics of “nature alive” such as feeling, creativity, purpose, and value. By contrast, in these sessions we challenge the separation and turn the opposition between physics and intuition into a fruitful contrast.

Track Heads

Ronny Desmet

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at FWO Vlaanderen / VUB

Ronny Desmet holds an MA in mathematics (1983), an MA and a PhD in philosophy (2005 and 2010). He is currently research fellow at the Centre of Logic and Philosophy of Science, Free University of Brussels. His research and publications have focused on Whitehead’s philosophy of mathematics and relativity.

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