Section 6: TRACK 3

Islam and Whitehead in Dialogue

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Track 3: Islam and Whitehead in Dialogue

Hot-button topics for American Muslims correspond to points of resonance between classical Islamic and process thought. Where do we draw lines between culture and religion? How can engagement with Whitehead’s thought stimulate reflection on questions of power, authority, gender relations, and environmental and economic justice in Islam?

Track Heads

Jihad Turk

President, Bayan Claremont

Jihad Turk has been instrumental in the establishment of Bayan Claremont, a graduate school designed to educate Muslim scholars and religious leaders. He previously served as the Director of Religious Affairs at the Islamic Center of Southern California, the oldest and largest mosque in the Los Angeles area. His field of research focuses on Islamic Law with an emphasis on usul al-fiqh (jurisprudence) as well as theology. His current interests also include identity formation in the American-Muslim community, interfaith relations, Islamic reform movements, and community leadership and development with a focus on youth.

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