Section 6: TRACK 5

Reading the Bible for the Sake of the World

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Track 5: Reading the Bible for the Sake of the World

The Bible, globally the single most influential book, has often been used in ways that are destructive of human wellbeing and the natural environment. It has also been used in very positive ways. This Track will explore how to strengthen its positive potential at this historical juncture.

Track Heads

David Lull

Professor of New Testament, Emeritus

David J. Lull, an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church, is professor emeritus of New Testament at Wartburg Theological Seminary. Before joining the Wartburg Seminary faculty in 2000, he held positions as director of the Bible Translation and Utilization program at the National Council of Churches, executive director of the Society of Biblical Literature, associate professor of New Testament at the Yale University Divinity School, and pastor of the Port Ewen (NY) United Methodist Church. His publications in the area of Pauline studies include The Spirit in Galatia (reprinted by Wipf & Stock), and Chalice Press Commentaries for Today on Romans (with John B. Cobb, Jr.) and 1 Corinthians (with William A. Beardslee). He also co-authored (with William A. Beardslee, John B. Cobb, Jr., and others) Biblical Preaching on the Death of Jesus (reprinted by Wipf & Stock). Dr. Lull’s most recent publication is a major review essay covering more than a dozen books on “Paul and Empire” in Religious Studies Review 36/4 (2010): 251-62.

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