Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) Strategic Taskforce members are working together to create an epic initiative for Los Angeles County sustainability: CITY BLITZ.

CITY BLITZ is a peer-facilitated program for sharing best practices and innovating new solutions that can fast-track municipal sustainability countywide. A prototype initiative is now in development.

CITY BLITZ is about education, innovation, consultation and connection:

  • Peer education in best practices, with supporting resources. Including on-location visits and discussions with key experts.
  • Innovation workshops for tailoring best practices to the needs of an individual municipality. Includes day-long innovation blitz opportunities facilitated by John Bielenberg, founder of the Silicon Valley firm Future Partners.
  • Consultation services with a network that can be called on for specialty advice.
  • Connection with peers who are developing their own sustainability models.

We will refine CITY BLITZ model based on knowledge from the prototype period.

CITY BLITZ is a collaboration with members of the Chief Sustainability Officer Strategic Taskforce, Sustainable Claremont, BrownFlynn, and the City of Carson.

An inaugural public convening on Nov. 14, 2017 among CSO Taskforce members will shape ongoing project development. Read more about the event.