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Just Peacemaking: Response to Threats of Catastrophe

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Track 4: Just Peacemaking: Response to Threats of Catastrophe

This group will consider the continuing threat of nuclear war and the realities of violence in regions such as Africa, Iran, Korea, and the Middle East and consider how Just Peacemaking can bring lasting peace. Conversations will focus on proven practices at local levels and on how the foreign policies of powerful nations can be re-crafted to respect diversity and for the earth, creativity, compassion, and justice.

Track Heads

Jay McDaniel

Professor of Process Theology and World Religions, Hendrix College and Director for the Steel Center for the Study of Religion

Trained in the philosophy of religion and theology, Jay McDaniel specializes in Process Theology and Whiteheadian thought. He did his doctorate on Whitehead and Buddhism. From there, he broadened his interests to include all of the world’s religions.
McDaniel has written and lectured on religion and ecology, religion and interreligious dialogue, and spirituality in an age of consumerism He is currently researching how these myriad concerns might unfold in China, and has taken students to China several times through the China Project, which is based at the Center for Process Studies in Claremont, California.

McDaniel considers himself a “”constructive theologian”” and continues to teach at Hendrix College, encouraging students to find their own theological and spiritual voices.

Paul Custodio Bube

W. Lewis McColgan Professor of Religion and Philosophy, Lyon College

Paul Custodio Bube is the W. Lewis McColgan Professor of Religion at Lyon College. Prior to his appointment at Lyon in 2001, he served 14 years as professor of religion and at Kansas Wesleyan University. He’s currently chairperson of the Humanities Division and facultyadvisor to the Honor Council, the Black Student Association, and the Wesley Fellowship. In 2009, Dr. Bube received Lyon’s Lamar Williamson Prize for Excellence in Teaching. His publications include Ethics in John Cobb’s Process Theology (1988, Scholars Press), an interactive textbook Revealing Applied Ethics 4.0 (ThinkingStrings, 2009-2014), Conversations With Pragmatism, A Multi-disciplinary Study(edited with Jeffery Geller, 2002); “Process Theological Ethics,” a chapter in the Chalice Handbook on Process Theology, edited by Donna Bowman and Jay McDaniel (2006); “John Cobb, Jr.” for The Dictionary of Modern American Philosophers, edited by John Shook (Continuum, 2005); “Abortion,” “John Cobb, Jr.,” “Wes Jackson,” and “The Land Institute,” for The Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature, edited by Bron Taylor and Jeff Kaplan (Thoemmes, 2005); “From Monoculture to Polyculture: The Possibilities for Community” in Home Territory: Essays on Community and Land, eds. Wes Jackson and William Vitek (Yale University Press, 1996). Dr. Bube was the founding president of Habitat for Humanity of Independence County, Arkansas. He has served on boards of the Kansas Humanities Council and the Arkansas Humanities Council.

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