Section 1: TRACK 5

A New Economic System

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Track 5: A New Economic System

In Sessions 1-6 auditors watch a variety of visionaries dialog to develop consensus on new or transformed institutions needed to achieve a humane, ecological, global economy by 2030. Auditors take over sessions 7-8 to revise visionaries’ consensus whose perspectives include globalization, banking, corporation, economic democracy, patents, military, media, psychology, and movements.

Track Heads

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David Lewit

Social Psychologist, System-change Activist

Dave is a social psychologist and system-change activist living in Boston. He is co-chair of the campaign on Corporate Globalization and Positive Alternatives for the Alliance for Democracy, a national non-partisan group working to end corporate domination over government and policy. He is also publisher of the BCA Dispatch (see He is active in organizing alternatives to global economic collapse for the Center for Process Studies in Claremont CA, and writes on liberation psychology, dealing with psychological principles and the societal macrosystem.

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