Section 1: TRACK 6

Political Collapse

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Track 6: Organizing for Change and Sustaining Involvement

The group will analyze the breakdown of nation states and democratic governance as global capitalism dominates development, but also note positive developments and what may still be done at the national level. Most of the time will be devoted to promising movements and experiments especially at the local level such as public control over money creation and local food sufficiency.

Track Heads

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John Culp

Professor Emeritus, Department of Theology and Philosophy, Azusa Pacific University

From early experiences in the woods and on the lakes and rivers of Michigan to recent backpacking in the Sierras, the world of nature has always intrigued me. Study at Greenville College, Asbury Seminary, Butler University and Claremont Graduate School provided me with philosophical and theological resources to further develop my fascination with nature. Contact with John B. Cobb and my students who had an interest in the environment have challenged me to think and act more responsibly on behalf of the world of nature. In that action I seek to avoid both naïve optimism about human and non-human nature and a dystopian fear of the future of the universe.

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