Section 9: TRACK 2


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Track 2: Eco-Feminism

Feminist insights and ecological insights overlap. Their synthesis provides a context for viewing the world in a way sharply different from the dominant anthropocentric male-centered vision of Western civilization generally. The contrast is especially sharp over against the Cartesian/Kantian vision. This track will highlight this contrasting understanding.

Track Heads

Heather Eaton

Full Professor, Conflict Studies, Saint Paul University

Dr. Heather Eaton holds an interdisciplinary doctorate in theology and ecology from Saint Michael’s College at the University of Toronto and is a professor in Conflict Studies at Saint Paul University in Ottawa, Canada. She works io engaging religions on ecological, social and ethical issues. She has published extensively on ecofeminism, ecospirituality, cosmology and ecojustice, as well as the intersection of science, evolution, and religion. Her main publications are: The Intellectual Journey of Thomas Berry: Imagining the Earth Community, ed. (2014) Ecological Awareness : Exploring Religion, Ethics and Aesthetics, (with Sigurd Bergmann, 2011), Introducing Ecofeminist Theologies (2005), Ecofeminism and Globalization: Exploring Religion, Culture, Context, (with Lois Ann Lorentzen, 2003); editor of Worldviews: Environment, Culture, Religion. Special Issue: “Evolution,” (2007) ; Ecotheology, “Gender, Religion and Ecology,” (2006); Worldviews : Environment, Culture, Religion, Special Issue: Thomas Berry (2001), plus dozens of book chapters and articles. Heather works as a socially engaged academic with various national and international groups on religion, ecology, social issues, animal rights, nonviolence and peace.

Suggested Resources

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