Section 9: TRACK 3

Extraordinary Challenges to the Modern Paradigm

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Track 3: Extraordinary Challenges to the Modern Paradigm

This track will look at how transpersonal psychology and parapsychology challenge the materialistic foundations of the modern worldview. We will explore how a Whiteheadian event metaphysics can help us better understand the extraordinary phenomena studied by transpersonal psychology, such as extrasensory perception, shamanic healing, near-death experiences, and psychedelic states of consciousness. Some broader implications of a transpersonally-informed Whiteheadian cosmology will also be examined.

Track Heads

John Buchanan

Instructor, California Institute of Integral Studies

John Buchanan, Ph.D., received his Masters degree in humanistic/transpersonal psychology from West Georgia College, and his doctorate from the Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts at Emory University. He has been trained and certified as a Holotropic Breathwork practitioner by Stan and Christina Grof. Currently, he is writing a book based upon his continuing interests in process philosophy and transpersonal psychology. Dr. Buchanan also serves as president of the Helios Foundation.

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