Section 10: TRACK 7

Social Life

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Track 7: Social Life

The discipline of sociology, which came into existence to explain the loss of community in early modern society, has proven inadequate to the task of retrieving our lost community. The discipline needs to be reimagined, and (in the words of Michael Halewood) the thought of Alfred North Whitehead can help us to bring the words “social” and “life” together in a richer and more productive way.

Track Heads

Michael Halewood

Senior Lecturer

I joined Essex in 2007 having completed my PhD and taught at Goldsmiths College, University of London. My research addresses the relationship of philosophy to social theory, including the work of A. N. Whitehead, Marx, Stengers, Irigaray, Butler, and John Dewey.

I am an Associate Editor of the Whitehead Publication Project. This project has two main aims. One is to produce a new critical edition of the complete works of A. N. Whitehead; the other is to produce digital versions of all Whitehead’s works, letters, lecture notes etc. I am also an International Academic Advisor for the Whitehead Research Project.

Postings from Seizing an Alternative

Michael Halewood, “Unsocial Life”
Adam Nocek, “Propositional Ecologies: Media, Biology, and Time”

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