Ecological Civilization, Philosophy, Society

Eco Civilization in China

Residents and visitors breathe dark, smoggy air in the cities, and partly because the problems are so serious, China is committed to work for “ecological civilization.”

Education, Philosophy, Society

The Philosophy of ANW

For me and my fellow Whiteheadians, the need to keep this kind of thinking alive was intensified by the global environmental crisis. The victory of value-free research disciplines has rendered universities more part of the problem than part of the solution.

Culture, Ecological Civilization, Philosophy

Seeing and What Is Seen

My argument is that thinking that leaves subjects out of the picture not only ignores the fundamental reality, but also does practical damage.

An Alternative Vision: Whitehead’s Philosophy

Learning from a Split Second

The Earth is typically thought of as nothing but stuff — an idea so commonplace that it’s hard to imagine it having any kind of history at all. It’s “just the way the world is.”

Philosophy, Seizing an Alternative

Why Whitehead?

Today many agree that we need a “paradigm change.” The “Seizing an Alternative” conference is about encouraging and implementing such a change.

Reimagining and Reinventing Societies and Social Thought

An Atom Is Hard to Find

The data of our conscious experience are all what Whitehead calls societies, and the vast majority of our thoughts are about societies.