Section 11: TRACK 1

The Built Environment

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Track 1: The Built Environment

In recent days, ecological crisis roots mainly in social problems. Several cities in China started exploring new models of eco-city and to attempt practical construction with a new concept of ecological civilization. The case analysis of Sino-Singapore Eco-Town in Tianjin, China will be presented at the track, including the construction concept, the value orientation, and the new model of social development and management.

当前,生态危机有着深层次的社会问题根源,如果不彻底解决社会问题, 生态问题就不可能 被正确认识,更不可能得到破解。为此,中国部分城市以一 种新的生态文明理念开始了“生 态城”建设的实践探索。在会议上,将介绍中国 案例“中新天津生态城”建设的经验,包括建 设理念、价值导向以及社会发展与 管理的新模式

Track Heads

Matthew Witt

Professor of Public Administration, University of La Verne

Matthew Witt, Ph.D., is professor of public administration at the University of La Verne. He teaches courses in urban theory and research methods. Dr. Witt is published in leading public administration journals examining how race and racism shape and are each also shaped by public administration institutions and practices. He is a leading scholar of state crimes against democracy (SCADs), with work appearing Public Administration Review, Public Integrity, and Administration & Society. He served as co-editor for symposium appearing in American Behavioral Scientist in May, 2010 and edited volume of essays and research articles in “State Crimes Against Democracy: Political Forensics in Public Affairs” (Palgrave-Macmillan Press, 2012). During 2011, Dr. Witt led a design team including La Verne Honors program art history students and faculty through the semifinal round of the National Ideas Competition for the Washington Monument. His current research focus is police militarization in the United States.

Zonghao Bao

Professor, East China University of Science and Technology

Bao Zonghao, born in FengHua, ZheJiang Province, is currently Professor of East China University of Science and Technology; President of ShanghaiAcademy of HuaXia Social Development Research; Deputy Director of Shanghai Sociology Society; Standing Director of Shanghai Philosophy Society;Deputy Director of Shanghai Information Society; Standing Director of China’s Socialism Dialectics Study Society; Member of World Business Ethics Society. He has written numerous publications, including Globalization and Modern Society; Outline for Scientific Approach to Development; Humanity and Society-Culture; Philosophy and History; Culture: Soul of International Metropolitan Area; Civilization and Civilized City; Network and Modern Social Culture; Digital and Humanity Spirit; Network Ethics; and Outline of Network Culture.

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