Section 11: TRACK 2

Eating: the Production and Consumption of Food

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Track 2: Eating – The Production and Consumption of Food

Food is a central aspect of every culture, from production to consumption. The industrialization of food production has had deep cultural effects. Track 4 will explore the relation between food production/consumption and culture as it pertains to the mindset required for an ecological culture.

Track Heads

Kelley Rajala

Co-Founder, Local Works & Livability Project

Kelley is a Social Entrepreneur and has started ten small businesses. She has been nationally recognized as a leader in building resilient communities and was Sonoma County’s Sustainability Trailblazer of the Year in 2010. Kelley is the co-founder of the Livability Project, Sonoma County GoLocal Cooperative, Share Exchange, Made Local Marketplace and the North Bay Made. Her newest company is a Flexible Purpose Corporation called Local Works, incubating businesses in local production of food and goods. Kelley holds a BA in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in renewable energy from UC Santa Barbara. She was a Land Use Planner for the County of Santa Barbara and the Marketing Director for her family business, Rajala Rehab Products. Her goal in life is to create hundreds of “”Livability Centers”” across the country that focus on rebuilding strong local economies and spreading solutions for sustainable living. She resides in Santa Rosa, CA.

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