Section 11: TRACK 7

Popular Culture: Social Media and Entertainment

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Track 7: Popular Culture: Social Media and Entertainment

In light of the mission of the conference, this track seeks to integrate the study of process thought with active effort to introduce positive social change. Such changes are informed by our cultural aims. Cultural aims include but are certainly not limited to only art, adventure, truth, beauty, and peace.

Track Heads

Randall Auxier

Professor of Philosophy, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Randall Auxier is a Professor of Philosophy at Southern Illinois University. He has written Time, Will and Purpose: Living Ideas from the Philosophy of Josiah Royce, and numerous articles in the philosophy of culture,al Responses to Royce. He is co-author of The Quantum of Explanation: Whitehead’s Radical Empiricism. He is a co-editor of eight volumes of the Library of Living Philosophers, including The Philosophy of Richard Rorty and The Philosophy of Jaakko Hintikka, and of numerous other books, including God, Process and Persons: The Philosophical Correspondence of Charles Hartshorne and Edgar Sheffield Brightman. He writes widely in popular culture and is co-editor of Bruce Springsteen and Philosophy and The Wizard of Oz and Philosophy.

Suggested Resources

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